Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tattoo Tights!

I recently came across what I think is the coolest thing in life. Tattooed tights! I found them from a seller on Etsy who sells them in Small through 2X. Check them out!

Peacock feather tights $23

Octopus tights $23

Bats thigh high tights $18

Daydream tights $23

Follow Me Twitter tights $23

Snow Queen thigh high Tights $18
The etsy seller store is called Tattoo socks and more...


  1. omgosh... i think i'm in love with those octopus ones!!! how weird and cute! lolz

  2. I would love to wear that snow queen pair around christmas with a sparkly dress!

  3. I almost bought some of these last year.

    Those Twitter ones annoy the crap out of me though. Ha.

  4. I luv, luv, luv!!! Will def check out,

    check out my etsy find in my post about Gaia Conceptions, not nearly as cool as this but still...


  5. haha cr! :) @ jayla: i most definitely will! :)

  6. I found these too like a month ago! So funny! We have similar taste! I didn't even think to blog about them! LOL! Etsy is great!

  7. That is funny!!! Yes, I love Etsy <3

  8. la pieuvre,les suivez moi ect...c est excellent !

    et en xxl en plus je ne suis pas prete de les trouvee en Europe je crois malheureusement...


  9. the size chart says the 2x fits up to 86kg...that's like 190 lbs .... so, not a standard 2x sad to say I loved these