Sunday, March 28, 2010

One more review today..Check out Gaelle of in a dress from Jen's Fashion Plus..

I have been a super busy girl today, especially for a Sunday! Thank you again all for your support and love for my blog and my store! Thanks to you all, my sales are rising and I have hundreds of new customers! Yay! So Gaelle of did a review for me today and looked just fantastic. Be sure to go by and check out her blog and subscribe! Here's the link to her review at:
Here's a peek at one of the pictures from her post:

Thanks Gaelle!!!!!


  1. Gaelle looks great! My post in the same dress is up!

  2. Hey Nik! That's so funny! I found out on FB first from someone else that you did the post in this dress. Going over right now to check it out! Thanks Audrey! :)

  3. this dress is amazing! love the zipper detail!