Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still lovin Juicy...

A few years ago, I was shopping at Marshalls and came across a fantastic dress by Juicy Couture. I fell in love with it and wore it exactly once. Unfortunately, it no longer fits (pouting). So I was thinking that maybe I could incorporate a few small accessory pieces from Juicy Couture into my Spring wardrobe this year. I spent the morning browsing through their online store: http://www.juicycouture.com/shoponline/. I wanted to share my favorites with you guys so let me know what you think:

Straw sunhat $68 I thought I was over sunhats but I think I might be in love with them again.

Lock-it work it clutch $148

Ladybug wish bracelet $42

Enamel butterfly studs $42

Adjustable flower ring $68

Rainbow wish bracelet $42

Cupcake charm $48


  1. oooh the cup cake charm is cute! I love the hat but I have a big noggin :( and womens hats generally do not fit me. *sigh*

  2. Hats don't fit me either! I adore the beyond huge sunhat that Samantha wears in SATC. I think Juicy has some adorable things but the price is just too ridiculous over here. When I was in America I bought a pair of earrings for $40 which is about £30 I think and over here they sell them for about £60! Same with everything else, I was going to get a tracksuit (maybe I shouldn't admit to this!) to lounge around in, but they didn't sell extra juicy in the store. Over here the cost of a jacket is about the same as buying a whole tracksuit!

  3. haha Nik! I have a big head too! I like the sunhats though cause they're kinda stretchy :) Steph: Wow! That's so expensive! I like the tracksuits and stuff they have to lounge around in too. You'll have to stock up the next time you visit! :)

  4. I love all of these and I need that cupcake.

  5. Oh those butterfly studs and that cupcake charm are just too cute for words!

    PS - I have a massive head... I went to a girls' school in Adelaide (which is the hottest city in Australia) and had to get a special hat to wear with my uniform because I didn't fit - school size headwear. That is bad!

  6. Hey Em! I've actually been teased about my big head forever!!! Lucky for my kids, they've also inherited enormous heads! Wow! Are you still in Australia?

  7. I love the ring and the cupcake charm!

  8. the cupcake charm is the cutest :)