Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dorothy Perkins Equals Love....

Yesterday I did a post on fashion finds under $40 and it was the first time I took a good look at Dorothy Perkins. So today I decided to do a real post on DP and pick my faves. Let me just say that it was really hard, if I would have picked all of my favorites, you guys would have died of boredom from the long post!! So I decided to just post 10. I also just wanted to comment on how affordable they are.. Thanks to Nik for introducing me to them! :)

Black lace tiered dress 40GBP ($60.20)

Black lace collar detail dress 35GBP ($52.66)

Black stripe bender dress 40GBP ($60.20)

Black strapless playsuit 16GBP ($24.08)

Multi poppy print playsuit 35GBP ($52.67)

Navy/white embellished top 25GBP ($37.63)

Blue bird print jersey top 23GBP ($34.62)

Navy double tab pencil skirt 25GBP ($37.63)

Magenta bow detial court shoes 35GBP ($52.68)

Navy fabric platform shoes 38GBP ($57.18)


  1. I like dp allthou i cant actually fit in the clothes i like them because evans is also owned by the same company they sometimes run the same prints!

  2. Gorgeous picks, I love the 1st and the 6th pieces :)

  3. i love the first dress. DP is my current addiction.

  4. I did a virtual shop blog last night and it was mainly from dotty p's :)

  5. Very Cute! I am loving the stripes and floral dress. I have yet to order from any UK retailer. I am waiting on a dress from Fatshionista sales post to decide!

  6. Welcome Jen! It took some courage to order from DP, but I am definitely looking forward to ordering again. I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the entire process! && some of your picks, are some of mines too!!! OOOOH great taste chica! ;-)

  7. Thanks Nik! You totally inspired me on this one :)

  8. I am thinking about making my first purchase from DP but I'm a little nervous about ordering clothes from another country. I normally wear a size 16 so I'm guessing I would be a UK size 20. Can anyone give me some advice on the fit of their clothes, should I go up or down a size? I'm looking at a few of the sweater/skater dresses. Thanks!

  9. I hear that they are true to size but haven't placed an order yet myself. Maybe you can ask Nik...:)