Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Pat's Day! It's all about green today....

Happy Saint Patrick's day to you all! :) I had a post in mind for today and then remembered it was Saint Patrick's day. How can I do a post and not make it green today? :) I usually have a hard time finding what I'm looking for in a specific style, color or fabric online but green was unbelievably easy. I found so many things that I wanted to post at almost every site I visited. Now I remember why green's my favorite color. Let me know what you think and are any of you celebrating and doing anything today?

Faith21 Side tie satin top $17.80 Strappy maxi cover up 38GBP Pinspot bra with piping 16GBP Pinspot piping bloomer 10GBP

Evans Adjustable iris ring 10GBP

Evans Pearlised flower necklace 20GBP

Alexander McQueen Moss/Dust $508

Kate Spade Gladly $213.03

Roxy Solstice Satchel $44

Lucky Brand Washed leather clutch $78


  1. Green rocks, you should get some vintage-y green dresses, I'd buy!

  2. I'll definitely be on the look out Love! :)

  3. Love the choices! Haha much more appealing than the tons of green outfits I saw yesterday at the St. Patrick's Day parade haha.

  4. Aw, you gotta love those green plastic leprechaun hats! haha :)

  5. OMG, Jen. Love the McQueen shoes. Love them.

  6. Also Jen, I just scrolled back up and had to mention how sexy that bra and panty set is. I would never fit a set like that, from Topshop - but wow that is cute.

  7. Hey Em! I LOVE them too! If only I had the money...sigh :)