Friday, March 26, 2010

New items from Jen's Fashion Plus....Please leave feedback!!!!

Hello Ladies! I sooo hate to repeat myself but you girls have been so helpful to me, both from reading your blogs and from your feedback on mine. You all consider to inspire me each and every day. So I am posting the new items from the store that I've purchased today and am asking you to please leave your feedback. Thanks and I adore you all!

White lace back rose print top - front view $21.99

White lace back rose print top - back view $21.99

Black lace back rose print top - front view $21.99

Black lace back rose print top - back view $21.99

Black blue paisley print maxi dress $27.99

Black blue floral print maxi dress $27.99

Black blue print stretchy maxi dress $27.99

Black green stretchy maxi dress $27.99

Pink lace back dress - front view $27.99

Pink lace back dress - back view $27.99

White lace bolero shrug $13.99

Black lace back dress - front view $27.99

Black lace back dress - back view $27.99

Black silver button romper $27.99

Black white rock star graphic leggings $21.99

Black white shrug dress $27.99


  1. Absolute faves: Lace back dresses- There super versatile but have a little extra flare in the back. Really good for summer.
    Rock Star Leggings-They are PRINT LEGGINGS,and in Black and White..what could be bad?
    Black Blue floral and paisley maxi dresses- I like these because they don't look like your average Maxi dress you could get anywhere!

    Also-I'm supposed to be taking pics tomorrow finally! Look out for a post!

  2. Love them all, but will try to focus. rock star legging and black or white rose print top, also black blue print maxi dress

  3. Love the leggings. Too cool.

    The black and white shrug dress is exactly something I might wear.

    The romper is completely cute.

    And those first two maxis are just - wow. x.

    Great stock. x.

  4. Those are my favourite maxi dresses so far, I love the lace back dresses too and I totally want that romper!

  5. I Love those leggings... Never seen ones like that before. Very Cool!!

  6. Gosh that dress in black and pink is gorgeous!

  7. i really like that black lace dresss, omgg want it!

  8. Thank you so much Girls! This confirms that I did the right thing by buying those leggings! hehe :)

  9. I love the first two tops! And I adore those leggings, great choice! And I love the pink dress!

  10. I really feeling the lace back tops and the black/white printed leggings! Wow! Great pieces! Love them! Will have to add to my wish list! Blessings!


  12. That red back lace dress is hot and those leggings are awesome.

  13. I adore the 1st two tops and the rock star leggings! I'd kill to use them in a photoshoot!!!!!

  14. Hey Teer! I sent you a message on FB :)