Thursday, March 11, 2010

Romper Love...

I am so in love with rompers this year, it's ridiculous. I bought two last year and have been waiting for Spring so I could wear them again and buy more. I love to pair them with sandals and heels and I really love how versatile they can be. So here are my romper picks for the day:

Torrid Black tropical birds tube romper $42

Torrid Black belted sleeveless romper $34.98

Old Navy Women's plus ruffled romper cover-ups $19.50 Stripe bandeau playsuit 28GBP (this one's my favorite)

Dorothy Perkins Black ruffle playsuit 18GBP

Oh, and I almost forgot: yesterday I was on Facebook and came across a customer and FB friend's picture of herself in the button dress from my store. I asked her if I could share it and she was nice enough to let me so I just wanted to share:


  1. That dress is coming my waaaaaaaaay!
    I'm still out on the whole romper thing, I think they are cute definitely, but I just don't think they're very.. "me." But I see more and more being featured on blogs and sold on websites and.. There's the temptation to buy! (I do already own the one from your shop and when I get a chance I'm going to make it in to a halter-neck romper, I have the ribbon!)

    Much love,
    Devon x

  2. Ropers! How cute. I haven't worn one since I was a kid. I may have to go in search of one.

  3. I have small breasts (cup a-b), but a biiig belly... I'm afraid a romper would let me look pregnant or just shapeless... :(

    whatchu think?

  4. I really want a romper too but I'm not sure about it yet. She looks incredible in that dress! I'd already been eying it for a while but now I REALLY hope there are some left when I get paid

  5. @ Devon-I think you're totally gonna find something to do with that romper. Maybe you can just take it to a tailor and have the top adjusted or something, you look great in it! @ Stephanie- I hadn't worn them since I was little either but I'm addicted to them now. Urban Outfitters has really cute ones too. @ Lodi- You probably just need to find one that's not strapless and that's a bit more fitted so you don't get that pregnant look. I should know, yesterday I was wearing a babydoll dress and this older lady came up and touched my stomach because she thought I was pregnant! hahaha @ Mellz- you should definitely try one on soon and as for the dress, I've been trying to push them to make more, hopefully they will :)

  6. Rompers are so cute! I tried one on at F21 and didn't look so good on me....but if you can pull it off I say go for it!

  7. I am liking the look of rompers too - I love that they are so prominently "in" right now... My faves from what you have chosen are deffinately the first Torrid one and that Dorothy Perkins one... I might go try that on.

    Lovely picture of your dress too. x.

    em. x.

  8. that dress is gorgeous :)
    Not into the whole romper thing though lol

  9. Hey Veronica! There are some that don't look good on me too but if you keep trying, I'll bet you'll find one that you like on you. Em, I love the DP one too!! Take pics if you do! :) Hey Charmed Chick! I missed you! :)

  10. I'm about to order my very first one from Dorothy Perkins. I want to order yours as well but I'm not sure if I should get the 2x or the 3x. What do you think?

  11. Thanks Audrey! Bloomie-Check the bust measurement on mine and go by that. If you get it too small, it'll squeeze at the top and if you get it too big, it'll fall down since it's strapless :)

  12. Seriously, I die for those lace tops. They are super feminine. The dress looks awesome on the girl.