Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Items from Jen's Fashion Plus are up....Feedback Please.....

Hi Girls! Happy Weekend! I am a bit burned out, haven't worked around so many other people in a long of course, I am now sick with a cold! Ugh! But no worries, after a restful weekend and a bit of cough medicine, I'll be back to normal. :) So, it's Saturday and I went store shopping today. As always, please leave me your feedback, I adore you all <3

Black white tube top maxi dress $27.99

Blue white pinstriped bubble dress $27.99

Pink white pinstriped bubble dress $27.99

White black pinstriped bubble dress $27.99

Sand cotton peasant dress $27.99

Purple multicolored boho maxi dress $27.99

Green multicolored boho maxi dress $27.99

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New items from Jen's Fashion Plus..lots of them this week!

Hi Girlys!
As always, I miss you all and have so much on my plate right now but as soon as it slows down a bit, I will be back on here regularly. I went shopping yesterday and found so many new items for the store that it has taken me forever to post them! So please leave your feedback and let me know what you do like, what you don't like. I always love reading your responses <3

Gray ruffled tube top dress $27.99

Black beige lace top $21.99

Black cotton peasant style dress $27.99

White cotton peasant style dress $27.99

Pink cotton peasant style dress $27.99

Black floral top $21.99

Pink floral top $21.99

Multicolored peacock print maxi dress $27.99

Pink tube top maxi dress $27.99

Black halter tie back vest -back view $15.99

Black halter tie back vest -front view $15.99

White floral tube top dress $27.99

White cap sleeve jacket top $21.99

Blue striped cap sleeve top $21.99

Red striped cap sleeve top $21.99

Gray striped cap sleeve top $21.99

White lace floral top $21.99

Blue ruffled tube top dress $27.99

Black tiered ruffle tank top $21.99

White tiered ruffle tank top $21.99

Pink tiered ruffle tank top $21.99

Black floral tube top bubble dress $27.99

Black cap sleeve jacket top $21.99

White chiffon dress $27.99

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Check out Mia in the white ruffled tiered dress from our store!

Hey Girls!
You all know Mia of Lifesyles of the Broke and Famous. Be sure to check her out if you haven't done so already and subscribe to her more than awesome blog! She just did a post in a dress from my store and I needed to share. Let me know what you think:

Miss you all terribly and will be back soon! <3

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Items From Jen's Fashion Plus....Feedback Please.... :)

Hey Girls! I am soooo trying to catch up and was in Downtown Los Angeles this morning. I have actually been enjoying buying stuff from the street vendors these past few weeks that I've been going on Saturdays. I definitely need to start taking my camera so I can take pics for you guys. Today, I saw this guy with a cage full of sleeping puppies. They were adorable and he wanted $100 for each, so no doggy yet :( But that's okay, I got an awesome necklace, bootie socks and hair flowers :) Annnnndddd....of course I got some new things for the store so as always, be sure to leave some feedback..... <3

Black multicolored top maxi dress $27.99

Blue cap sleeve cardigan $21.99

Black cap sleeve cardigan $21.99

White black graphic lace back tank top-front view $21.99

White black graphic lace back tank top-back view $21.99

White blazer jacket $21.99

Black blazer jacket $21.99

Pink black tiered ruffle dress $27.99

Blue black tiered ruffle dress $27.99

Black tiered ruffle belted top $21.99

White tiered ruffle belted top $21.99

Pink tiered ruffle belted top $21.99

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The $15 pair of shoes....

This morning I was putting my lunch away at work and this girl walked in with these awesomely ruffled heels on. I told her how cute they were and asked where she got them. She told me Target and she just got them like two days ago. So you know what I did right after work....Yes, I went straight over to Target and got the last pair in my size. As an added bonus, they were on sale for 15 bucks! I have been quite the bargain shopper lately. Last weekend I went to downtown LA and got a F21 skirt for $8 & and 2 knitted cardgians, one for $3 and one for $5. Here are the shoes I got today:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jen's Fashion Plus Giveaway on Fat Shopaholic!

Hey Lovelies!
Tiffany of Fat Shopaholic is doing a giveaway with an item from my store on her blog Be sure to go by here: and be sure to enter!

Check out my interview with Tiffany at Fat Shopaholic

I have known Tiffany, (well at least online, but it feels like I really know her :) ), for a few months now. A while back, she asked me to do an interview and I was so flattered. Be sure to check it out here: and be sure to subscribe to her blog if you haven't already!