Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Items From Jen's Fashion Plus....Feedback Please.... :)

Hey Girls! I am soooo trying to catch up and was in Downtown Los Angeles this morning. I have actually been enjoying buying stuff from the street vendors these past few weeks that I've been going on Saturdays. I definitely need to start taking my camera so I can take pics for you guys. Today, I saw this guy with a cage full of sleeping puppies. They were adorable and he wanted $100 for each, so no doggy yet :( But that's okay, I got an awesome necklace, bootie socks and hair flowers :) Annnnndddd....of course I got some new things for the store so as always, be sure to leave some feedback..... <3

Black multicolored top maxi dress $27.99

Blue cap sleeve cardigan $21.99

Black cap sleeve cardigan $21.99

White black graphic lace back tank top-front view $21.99

White black graphic lace back tank top-back view $21.99

White blazer jacket $21.99

Black blazer jacket $21.99

Pink black tiered ruffle dress $27.99

Blue black tiered ruffle dress $27.99

Black tiered ruffle belted top $21.99

White tiered ruffle belted top $21.99

Pink tiered ruffle belted top $21.99


  1. I love the blazer and the graphic rocker tee! I must have it lol :)

  2. I am absolutely smitten for the Pink black tiered ruffle dress, great new stuff doll!

  3. At best those puppies were an accident, so he shouldn't be charging anything for them, at worst they're from a puppy mill...

  4. I'm loving all the tops. Super cute

  5. I love the graphic lace top and the pink ruffle dress! I really like that white blazer too. I hope those puppies will be placed into a good home....

  6. OMG!! A white blazer! lol I've been in and out of the thrift store that I go to looking for one! *shrieking with joy* lol I think I actually like all the things you've picked out this time, the ruffled dresses are super cute!

  7. I love the cardian and the lace top! and the ruffle top, and the blazer, actually everything!!!

  8. Liking the blazers and the ruffle dresses :)

  9. Thanks Girls! As for the puppies, I'm quite sure they were an accident and not from a puppy mill. However, there are lots of people who breed their dogs here for money. They were gone by the time I was leaving :( Nik, I can sooooo see you in one of those ruffled dresses! The Pale & Pallor Princess, I miss you and all of your awesome creativeness! I'm going to be sure to stop by your page soon! :)

  10. i am in LOVE with that maxi! supa CUTE!

  11. I love the cardigans, the lace shirt, and the ruffled dresses and shirts. So adorable. <3
    keep the clothes coming!

  12. I really love the grey top with the black prints on it. Its a fun flirty shirt.

  13. Nice items! :-)

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