Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The $15 pair of shoes....

This morning I was putting my lunch away at work and this girl walked in with these awesomely ruffled heels on. I told her how cute they were and asked where she got them. She told me Target and she just got them like two days ago. So you know what I did right after work....Yes, I went straight over to Target and got the last pair in my size. As an added bonus, they were on sale for 15 bucks! I have been quite the bargain shopper lately. Last weekend I went to downtown LA and got a F21 skirt for $8 & and 2 knitted cardgians, one for $3 and one for $5. Here are the shoes I got today:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jen's Fashion Plus Giveaway on Fat Shopaholic!

Hey Lovelies!
Tiffany of Fat Shopaholic is doing a giveaway with an item from my store on her blog Be sure to go by here: and be sure to enter!

Check out my interview with Tiffany at Fat Shopaholic

I have known Tiffany, (well at least online, but it feels like I really know her :) ), for a few months now. A while back, she asked me to do an interview and I was so flattered. Be sure to check it out here: and be sure to subscribe to her blog if you haven't already!

Guest Blogger! Kimberly of!

So I met Kimberly via email about a week or so ago. If you haven't done so yet, be sure to check her blog out here, I think I'm in love! I am lucky enough that she has done a guest blog for me so enjoy! :)

Workin’ the Wedges
Everywhere you look this spring Wedges are popping up in all sorts of colors and materials, and that is great news to me! Wedges Sandals are fantastic to have because they give you height with comfort and you can dress them up or dress them down.

If you are looking to add some wedges to your shoe wardrobe here are three great pairs in brown:
Donald J Pliner Glina Sandals -, $54
Presta Wedge Sandals - Target, $24.99
Nine West Emmo Sandals -, $31.35

And if you were wondering what to pair them with, here are three outfits that would work great with wedge sandals.

Outfit #1 - Nice in Nautical

Collared Button Dress - Jen's Fashion Plus, $27.99
Striped Tee - Old Navy, $14.99
Coin Bracelets - Forever 21, $12.80

Outfit #2 - Movin' & Groovin' in a Maxi

Maxi Dress - Jen's Fashion Plus, $27.99
White Ruched Sleeve Shrug - Jen's Fashion Plus, $13.99
Beaded Necklace - Forever 21, $5.80

Outfit #3 - Rockin' in a Romper
Outfit2 Align Center

Brown Romper - Jen's Fashion Plus, $27.99
Yellow Scarf - Affordable Scarves, $11.01
Bangles - Forever 21, $9.80
Paisley Purse - Handbag Heaven, $56.95

Thank you Kimberly! And remember to subscribe to her awesome blog!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Items from Jen's Fashion Plus....

It has been two weeks since I've posted. I am so sorry and I miss you girls sooooo much.....I'm going to do a recap of my last two weeks and then show you what I've added to the store this week. Please leave your feedback on the items and please know, I so wish I had the time to go through all of your blogs every day like I used to. It's just the time, kids, house, work and more work....
Let's see, work is work. I am relearning what I used to do about five years ago and it's both frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I am so used to using my time how I feel like using it and being under someone else's time frame stresses me out. But I guess, welcome to the real world, right?
I decided against spending another $130 on highlighting my hair so I asked my bf to to just dye it and it came out really awesome. Pics to come soon, I'm excited!
Ummmm...I can't even keep up with my weekly magazines BUT I did come across a pic of my celebrity crush today and am seriously crushed. Wentworth Miller, you know the hottie from Prison Break. I have loved him for years and today People Magazine totally killed it for me by posting this picture:

This is how I am used to seeing him:

No words.....just sad. If any of you have a celebrity crush, I know you totally get it.
Anywho...on to the new store items. Be sure to let me know what you think....

Pink black ruffle top dress $27.99

Black white floral tiered mini skirt $21.99

Black lace cardigan $21.99

Black gray ruffle top maxi dress $27.99

Purple 3/4 sleeve bolero $13.99

Black gray ruffle top dress $27.99

Brown white floral dress $27.99

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Workin and stuff....

I miss you all terribly :( As you all know, I started my "normal" office job this week....I wanted to come by and post and let you all know how it's going. So here it goes....
Number One.....I forgot how boring it is to work in an office for eight hours a day. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful that I got an extra job, but really? Why does it have to be so boring?

Number Two......I was really looking forward to seeing what the girls are wearing in the office these days so I could be inspired and share. Not gonna happen. I forgot that the staples to a conservative office are four things: black flats, black heels, black pants and gray pants. I haven't been in an office for five years and it is sadly still the same. There are about three girls who I can say know how to work that fashion fabulousness and one of them is pregnant. I am soooooo going to try to talk her into a picture so you can see her. She is adorable! :)

Number Three.....I am so torn with if I want to get a permanent job doing this for the double income, (I'm currently temping). On one hand, I could really use the money for all of that debt, but on the other hand, I cannot imagine my life for the next I don't know how many years working in an office like this. Everyone is so nice to me, but I so miss my kids and my life. Input would be awesome :)

Number Four....I have not had the time to network with my girls like I was before. Sooooo....if you're a blogger with over one hundred followers and are interested in doing a post for me in an item from my store, email me! I figure this is the easiest way :)

Soooooo....I leave you with a few pics of clothing that I'm seeing in the office everyday, I'm disappointed and I probably shouldn't be....Oh, and the BTW, these are not meant to be cute, just the truth.....

Yeah, I do have like 2 pairs of these but I try to mix it up a bit...

I'm kinda over these...

Same thing, I like khaki pants, just not every other day.....

Basic black top...

Basic cotton top....


I know lots of girls wear these, but they really do bore me.....

So I'll be back soon to update you with what I'm wearing to work. I would have taken pics already but I have been getting up at 4:50am every day and still have not had the time. Grrrr........

Be sure to comment, let me know what you think about the post and the pics. Again, these are not meant to be things that I like, they are things that I have been seeing every day. Have a wonderful week :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

New items from Jen's Fashion please!!!!

Happy Friday girls!!! It's that time again. I went out and got a few new things and your feedback is truly important to me soooooo.... please let me know what you think and thank you so much for coming back every week to comment <3

Black lace bottom leggings $21.99

Black lace leggings $21.99

Black white floral tunic dress $27.99

Black white rose long tunic top $21.99

White cap sleeve tunic top $21.99

Black cap sleeve tunic top $21.99

Black ruffled cocktail dress $27.99

Black gray ruffled top maxi dress $27.99

Black ruffled top short jumper (comes in black and brown) $27.99

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shoooeeessssss!!!!!.....for work though, ugh!!!! :)

Hey! So really quickly, I just wanted to share with you the shoes that I got for work, (Monday, ugh!) so here we go.....let me know what you think!
Annnndddd....please excuse the cut on my ankle, got a little carried away shaving.... :)

These are my least fave but will match my gold and camel colored pieces...


TJ Maxx, got them for about $35

JCPenney $35 Worthington (these are my favorites)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm back! And here's what I got for work....

So, I think I got some pretty great pieces. OOTD's are on their way but I'll show you what I got....
Love this, it looks like the little Twitter bird





I got one like this in red but it's not on the site $24.80


I got this with a black cami to go under $22.90

There's also a dress and a pair of pants that I can't find on the site but I will be posting some pics of the actual pics soon!

Shopping for work clothes, ugh! :(

I'll be joining the nine to five working world on Monday. Let me just say that I am not looking forward to it. I have not worked in an office for five years and needless to say, I have nothing to wear. Being that I have yet to get a paycheck, I need a few inexpensive pieces to get me through until I actually get paid. So, I will be going to F21 today. I'm a bit excited though, because I get to go to the huge new one they just built near my house in the Cerritos Mall. Check it out:

So here are some of the things that I was thinking of getting:








So that's all I've got so far. There were so many pieces that I came across browsing on there right now, but none that were office appropriate which sucks. I am training someone to take over the store during the day for me right now so I also just wanted everyone to know that it'll be business as usual with the store.