Friday, April 2, 2010

New items from Jen's Fashion Plus...again, feedback please!

Hi Girls!!! It's that time again...Friday...So I went out and bought some new goodies for the store today and have a need to share. As always, your input is super important to me so be sure to comment! Hmmmm....a couple of other things...I actually got an extra job today with a temp agency and I'll be starting in about a week. But no worries, I'll still be here every day, only at night instead. I was at Target tonight and decided to pick up a few things for my new job and I'll be sharing those with you next week. I also have a couple of reviews but I've been out all day so I'll go ahead and include those pics and links in this post so be sure to check them out! Thanks Girlys! You know I love you all and treasure your input :)

Black ruffled tie bolero $13.99

White ruffled tie bolero $13.99

Blue butterfly tube top maxi dress $27.99

Pink butterfly tube top maxi dress $27.99

Blue butterfly tube top maxi dress $27.99

Black lace tank top $21.99

Gray lace tank top $21.99

Pink collared button dress $27.99

Blue collared button dress $27.99

White cotton tube top dress $27.99

Black silver tunic dress $27.99

White silver tunic dress $27.99

Pink maxi dress $27.99

Blue Maxi dress $27.99

So here's a pic from Nik's review:

To see the whole review, be sure to visit her here:

And here's a pic from Gabi's review:

To see the whole review, you can go here:


  1. Love the black lace singlet top and the black silver tunic dress.

    Nik looks phenomenal and Gabi is rocking that look. Well done Jen. x.

  2. OOh loving the lace tanks, just saw some similar on torrid website. I think I need some lace for spring/summer. Good job on all the selections and the ladies look fab!

  3. I'm absolutely loving the lace tanks!

  4. i love the lace tank tops very nice :)

  5. Those Maxi dresses are awesome. Great new stuff.

  6. Is the dress Gabi's wearing still available?

  7. I love all the dresses. I am not too crazy about the bolero jackets-they look kinds outdated to me-but thats just my opinion. I am going to be opening a shop next spring and I was just wondering where you got your stuff from. I found places where I could get them from but I would like not to have to buy from 3 or 4 diff. places. One or two would be nice.

  8. Thank you ladies for all of your feedback! You girls are sooooo helpful!!!! vimsbehavin: no, I sent that to her a while back and don't have them any more :(
    Jayla: email me: and I'll help you out with that for sure. As for the boleros, that was kind of my feeling too but year after year, they sell, A LOT! So if you're opening up a store, keep it in mind :)

  9. I love the Blue collared button dress, but I have the impression it's too small for my 40 H that do you think?

    (again sorry for my english, i hope you understand)

  10. I love the pink butterfly tube dress, what size does it go up to? And I adore the other two maxi dresses as well, beautiful picks :)

  11. I love that lace top! Sultry. Your clothes are awesome!

    Check out the blog!


  12. That pink collared button dress is really cute!

  13. Why am I always late? Some kind of friend am I huh? Congrats on the new job!!The temp agency here failed me lol. So clothing...I love that you're the maxi dress queen! I really wish I could have gotten that purple strapless ruffle maxi when you had it...but I LOVE those butterfly maxis! During the summers here(which last from like May to October lol) it's so hot and humid all I wear are dresses.I also love your solid color ones. Those tunic dresses look like really versatile pieces,but I just wish that they didn't have flowers on them, would you consider getting ones with no decoration? I think they would sell a lot.I like the black lace top! I think more long tops are a good idea,I was just talking about longline tanks and t-shirts on twitter and how there should be more available!Hope I helped!

  14. Liking the lace tops. Loving the blue collared dress with the buttons. After reading Niks' review of the Maxi dress I'm being tempted to try one. They look really summery and bright.
    Good taste as per usual darling.

  15. This dress: Blue collared button dress
    I am so putting in an order when I get money (2 weeks /cry)
    Devon xx

  16. Hey Jen,
    I e-mailed you the other day. xo

  17. La Cara: It goes up to a 3X. Daedae & Audrey: Thanks! :) Nik: You're always a big help and thank you! I'm a bit nervous. You just let me know if there's something you'd like :) Pale&Pallor Princess: Thank you, I love your input and adore your style! Devon: Thank you! :) Mia: Got it, I emailed you :)