Thursday, December 31, 2009

Danielle On Making Summery Clothes Wintery....

The beautiful Danielle did a wonderful Outfit Of The Day post on Fatshionista for me about a month ago. She took a sleeveless dress and accessorized it to make it into a winter outfit. I wanted to share the post here. Be sure to check out Danielle's page at:

So, I've been grappling a lot with my wardrobe recently. I seem to have lots and lots and lots of summer clothing and just not enough long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and more.

That said, since it's time to strap down and save money (and the fact that I am once again on a student budget), I can't always afford to just go out and buy those shirts and stuff. So I'm trying something new--I'm trying to incorporate summery clothes into winter. I have a buttload of dresses that I absolutely love, but sometimes feel I can't wear because of the weather.

Here's what I tried:

Your model today is about 5'8" and around 280 pounds. I normally wear somewhere around a size 22.

(By the way, I apologize for the photos being sort of funky.)

Here's what I'm wearing:

Colorblock dress with POCKETS!! -- Jen's Fashion Plus (which I ADORE--affordable and fab!) -- size 3X
Leggings -- Torrid -- 3X
Boots -- Torrid (last year) -- 3X

I didn't get a photo of this, but I wore this outfit out with a lightweight long-sleeved sweater that I also got from Jen's Fashion Plus, and I felt it was warm enough AND season appropriate, despite the tank-top-style dress.


I hope this isn't too hard to see, but I'm wearing this fantastic feather-fanned headband I got from Etsy.

These earrings were made from beads from this bracelet:

which used to be on stretchy cord and then broke. The beads are made from paper, by women in Africa, and the proceeds went right back to them. I got this bracelet at a place in Portland, Oregon, called Global Exchange. If you guys are around, definitely check it out!....

Anyway, thanks for looking. I'm hoping for more suggestions on working with what I already have this winter. Recessionistas unite!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On My Wish List......

I was browsing through Etsy the other night and came across this fantastic dress:

Here's the listing for the dress:

Named after my Grandmother for inspiring me with style:)

Strapless navy blue satin dress with fitted bodice, invisible back zipper and rouched skirt. Will be made to your measurements just for your. Feel free to ask about color changes. Looks great with Red Lolita Petticoat or Leopard Ruffled Underskirt both sold separately available in my store.

You have two choices. Either send me your measurements(bust, under bust, waist and hip) or pick a size. It also helps if I know your height. Go ahead and throw in any other info you'd like to add.

0 - Bust: 31.5 | Waist: 23.5 | Hip: 34.0
2 - Bust: 32.5 | Waist: 24.5 | Hip: 35.0

4 - Bust: 33.5 | Waist: 25.5 | Hip: 36.0
6 - Bust: 34.5 | Waist: 26.5 | Hip: 37.0

8 - Bust: 35.5 | Waist: 27.5 | Hip: 38.0
10 - Bust: 36.5 | Waist: 28.5 | Hip: 39.0

12 - Bust: 38.0 | Waist: 30.0 | Hip: 40.5
14 - Bust: 39.5 | Waist: 31.5 | Hip: 42.0

16 - Bust: 41.0 | Waist: 33.0 | Hip: 43.5
18 - Bust: 43.0 | Waist: 35.0 | Hip: 45.5

20 - Bust: 45.0 | Waist: 37.0 | Hip: 47.5

I work at this day, night and weekends. While I sew and cut each garment, I daydream of the event it's going to and hope it makes you feel gorgeous, no matter your shape or size.

Most items are made to order and normally take 2-4 weeks to make. I make them all with my heart and soul. If you would like an item sooner, I charge an additional $50 for rushed orders which includes express shipping. Please convo me about this before purchasing the item.

I loved this, not only because of the vintage style of the dress, but also because you can either pick a size or send her your measurements to custom fit you.

She has so many styles in her store that she custom makes, this will definitely be the next purchase that I make. Here's the link to her store:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jen's Fashion Plus Review By Frocks & Frou Frou....

Lilli did this great review for us just the other day and I had to share. Be sure to check out her blog page at: and to stop by Jen's Fashion Plus at: We still have these dresses in stock.

Frockapalooza: Day 31 - School's Out

Dress: Jen's Fashion Plus
Leggings: My Size
Shoes: Zensu
Brooch: Pirdy

Jennifer from Jen's Fashion Plus contacted me a month or so ago asking whether I'd be interested in blogging one of the super cute offerings from her eBay store, and I thought that it tied in rather nicely with Frockapalooza so I was delighted when this dress arrived the day I was leaving for Canberra.

Jenifer's got some really nice pieces at Jen's Fashion Plus, and the prices are great.

This dress is very sweet - probably suited to someone slightly less chesty than I, but it's still got an endearingly school-girl feel to it, and the quality's very good.

I'll be keeping Jen's Fashion Plus favourited, and will be dropping in regularly, because she stocks the shop with exactly the kind of classic, stand-the-test-of-time styles that appeal to me the most.
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Review of Jen's Fashion Plus by Mezzo Fashionisto

I thought this was a great review with awesome pictures so I just had to share with you:

Christmas(eve) time is here...
Jen from Jen's Fashion Plus sent me this dress(Thanks Jen!) and since it was so cold out today I decided to wear a skirt from Faith 21 underneath.I love it. I hope you are all having Happy Holidays!

Dress(and belt): Jen's Fashion Plus,Skirt-Faith21,Tights-Worthington,Boots-Kiss,Peacoat-Worthington

Be sure to check her blog out here:

And be sure to check out our store at:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On The Plus Side....

I came across this blog page yesterday when doing my usual rounds online and was really impressed. It's called On The Plus Side by Sarah Conley and it's on The writing and the pictures are just awesome. Be sure to drop by and check it out!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Poison Apple Shirts In Plus Sizes Are Now Here!

Check out our photo shoot from yesterday:

Be sure to check us out at: to get one of your own!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poison Apple Shirts Coming In Plus Sizes to Jen's Fashion Plus Next Week!

I recently did a post about Poison Apple Shirts and how I love them. Just a quick update to let you know that we will be carrying a few different styles in plus sizes starting next week at Jen's Fashion Plus ( This is a copy of the pictures from my previous post of a few of the designs:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jackie =)

I met Jackie earlier this year on Myspace. I asked her to do some posts for me and fell in love with the way that she put my pieces together into outfits.

NAME: sassy jackie
AGE: 26
CITY: tempe
STATE: arizona

My personal style is a little bit girly with a hard edged hipster vibe. I love to pair feminine details like bows and ruffles with black leather and torn jeans. Some of my favorite items include polka dot cowgirl boots, a black vest with buckles and a jersey dress with an Aztec pattern. I like to match modern, trendy pieces with classic styles. I like my fashion to be unexpected but always sophisticated.

Some of my fashion icons are Bettie Page, Gwen Stefani, Beth Ditto, Joan Jett, Jackie Kennedy, Jennifer Hudson & Joan Holloway.

What i love most about fashion is its ability to show people a side of your personality before they ever meet you. I love how a cute jacket can make someone stop you on the street just to say hi and compliment it. Fashion doesn't have to be complicated, it should be fun & make you feel fabulously confident.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Magic Dress....

Earlier this week, I went to purchase items for my store. I went to a store I hadn't been to in a while and asked about a really cute cap sleeved dress that was hanging on a mannequin. What I didn't realize was that it wasn't just a normal dress. This dress can be wrapped into more styles than I can count. So I just wanted to share the pictures after I played with it for a while:

It also comes in black and purple. $28.99 at Jen's Fashion Plus (

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 <3

This past Halloween, I came across the best deal ever on my costume on eBay. A sexy sailor girl dress with a matching hat. The problem? Trying to find matching shoes. So I started scouring the internet on unique shoes to go with the costume. My search led me to I was so excited to see that their sizes run up to a 2X on most styles. The collection there is unique and sexy but most definitely wearable. I wanted to share a few items from their site that are definitely on my Want List:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jen's Fashion Plus Giveaway on Luvin' My Curves!

Just wanted to let you all know that Jen's Fashion Plus ( is having a giveaway on Luvin' My Curves ( Here's a copy of the post on Luvin' My Curves:

Tis' the season - and to celebrate we have some giveaways this week!

Giveaway #1: One free item from Jen's Fashion Plus (she's also offering free shipping!) How can you win? Well- send an email to me at with the subject 'LMC Giveaway #1" from there I'll randomly pick a winner. GOOD LUCK!!

Ragini =)

A little less than a year ago, I was doing my weekly traffic report checks for my store. One link kept popping up and I noticed there was tons of traffic coming from it. So I checked it out and found that they were coming from a post on Fatshionista by this beautiful chick:

So I contacted her and asked her to review some more pieces from the store for me. She agreed and each time she did a review, I would receive tons of traffic from her posts. She is wonderful to work with and not only smart and beautiful, but has style like no other.

Name - Ragini

Age - 24

Location - Calcutta, India

Fashion Inspiration - My fashion inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places. What happens most of the time is that I find myself digging a certain look only to find a while later that what I'm coveting is actually a trend! I think I have a way of subconsciously picking up on trends and incorporating them into my wardrobe. That apart, I have always had an aesthetic appreciation for the 60s mod look and I keep going back to interpretations of it time and again. I totally love vintage clothing and am always on the lookout for cute vintage.

Describe your current style - Right now I'm all about the grungy distressed look - slashing, plaid, fringing and leather. I'm looking to work it sometime soon. I also love toughening up cute, feminine floral dresses with a leather bomber and boots.

Where do you shop? - I live in India where plus size fashion is practically non existent although stores seem to be stepping up their game a wee bit recently. Trend wise though, most of the stuff I find tends to be at least a couple of seasons out of date. Consequently I do almost all of my clothes shopping on the Internet where I can find cute things that not only fit me but go with my style. However, most online shopping resources do not deliver to where I live so almost all of my wardrobe as of now consists of one off finds I got off eBay which is also a great place to find cute and affordable vintage.

What would you say to other girls struggling with plus size style? - never, never, ever think that there is any style/trend that you won't be able to carry off because of your size. I think a huge part of being fa(t)shionable is being comfortable in your own skin. Size is not a deterrent to style and if you want to rock the mini or the bodycon dress, don't think about it twice, just go ahead and do it!

Be sure to check out her blog Forays in Fatshion:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Club Catalina: San Diego's Size Acceptance Night Club

This past Summer, I was introduced to a wonderful lady named Kathy. Kathy runs a club in San Diego called Club Catalina. I took a weekend trip down to San Diego to check her club out and mingle a bit. I had a blast. Kathy is just the best and so was every single person that I met there. I ran into zero drama, everyone was just there to have a good time.

Kathy is the lovely lady on the right :)

So recently, I asked Kathy to tell me more about herself, Club Catalina and her inspiration. Here's what she said:

"Hi I'm Kathy Hernandez the owner/promoter of Club Catalina in San Diego which is San Diego's BBW/Size Acceptance Night Club. I am 42 years old and I grew up in Michigan and Florida but I have been in San Diego County for 24 years so I definitely consider San Diego County home for me. Club Catalina had it's first party two years ago on November 3, 2007. I started going to other BBW Night Clubs up North about 6 years ago and the accepting atmosphere is something everyone should experience and be a part of. I have made a lot of friends in the BBW Community over the past 6 years and I knew San Diego needed a BBW Size Acceptance Night Club so we didn’t have to travel an hour and a half to 2 hours to be at a BBW Night Club up North. We do car pools up to the other BBW Night Clubs when Club Catalina is closed but its nice to have the option to have a BBW Night Club that is close by in San Diego also. I have been a big girl for most of my life so I know the challenges that can be in our community regarding size acceptance. The goal of having Club Catalina is to let people know that its ok if your not a size 2 and you are still beautiful at any size you are currently at, and it's okay to be out there dancing and having a great time with friends. Staying at home because you don’t feel you would fit in at a night club when you love dancing is why I love promoting Club Catalina because we are out there dancing, mingling, and making new friends in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I do a lot of theme nights such as Corset Night, Jersey Night, Black and White Night, Goth Night, Sexy School Girl Night, Pajama/Sexy Nightie Night, Halloween Parties, Christmas Parties and Valentine’s Day themes because a lot of people like to dress up for the theme parties. We have events outside of Club Catalina like the bonfires, bbw clothing exchanges, Club Catalina League Bowling Team, speed dating, board game and cards nights, going to the movies because we like to get together as a group outside of when we are dancing together at Club Catalina. BBW's and BHM's and their admirers are able to party, wear sexy clothes and be themselves in an accepting atmosphere. Club Catalina is currently located inside Riley's at 2901 Nimitz Blvd, Pt Loma CA 92106. The Club Catalina location at Riley's has a stripper pole, stage, huge dance floor, 2 pool tables, darts, great drink prices, free parking and over flow parking at Pacific Western Bank. Club Catalina's main web site is and there are links to the my space and yahoo group on there. We mainly play hip hop, R & B, reggae, anything you hear on the top 100 for hip hop and R & B and some old school and 80's but if you want to hear something than just let me know and I'll see if my dj has the song you want to hear. The cover charge is $10.00 all night long and your wristband allows you ins and outs to Club Catalina. I think word of mouth from people who come to the night club is a very strong and positive way to promote Club Catalina because we are talking directly to our friends, family and people we meet about a place we love dancing and partying at. Club Catalina has been a proud club sponsor for the Las Vegas BBW Bash and NAAFA Conventions. I hope to see all of you at Club Catalina and don't forget to tell a friend about Club Catalina!!"

If you're ever in the San Diego area, I highly recommend stopping by and checking Club Catalina out. I had a blast and will definitely be back on my next visit to San Diego.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Red lips and Chanel's Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been infatuated with the old Hollywood glam look.

This being said, I have always longed for a red lipstick that would work for me. I have extremely light skin and blue eyes. I would go to all of the department store make up counters and ask for a red lip color that would suit me. Time after time, I was disappointed. day I visited the Chanel counter. I had heard wonderful things about their compact powders and was dying to try it. I was being helped by a male employee who suddenly took my hand and started applying coats of a red lip color on it. Yes, weird at first, but wait for it... He started fanning my hand so it would dry faster and 7 minutes later, he asked me to rub it off. It. Didn't. Budge. He then asked me to try to scratch it off. Nothing. It stayed on my hand without a smudge. I knew that I had to have it. So I tried it on my lips. I couldn't believe it, the color was the perfect shade of red for me. Here's what I bought:

It's Chanel's Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Alexandrite.

It lasts FOREVER. It did cost me over $30 for one but was worth every penny. I have literally put this on once in the morning and have still had it on at the end of the night without reapplying. I have been known to apply this stuff to stranger's hands when questioned about how I can eat and drink and still have all of my lipstick on. Seriously.

So I thought I'd post a pic of how it looks on:

One last thing, it can be removed with oil based make up remover, just in case you were wondering how to get this stuff off.