Thursday, December 10, 2009

Red lips and Chanel's Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been infatuated with the old Hollywood glam look.

This being said, I have always longed for a red lipstick that would work for me. I have extremely light skin and blue eyes. I would go to all of the department store make up counters and ask for a red lip color that would suit me. Time after time, I was disappointed. day I visited the Chanel counter. I had heard wonderful things about their compact powders and was dying to try it. I was being helped by a male employee who suddenly took my hand and started applying coats of a red lip color on it. Yes, weird at first, but wait for it... He started fanning my hand so it would dry faster and 7 minutes later, he asked me to rub it off. It. Didn't. Budge. He then asked me to try to scratch it off. Nothing. It stayed on my hand without a smudge. I knew that I had to have it. So I tried it on my lips. I couldn't believe it, the color was the perfect shade of red for me. Here's what I bought:

It's Chanel's Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Alexandrite.

It lasts FOREVER. It did cost me over $30 for one but was worth every penny. I have literally put this on once in the morning and have still had it on at the end of the night without reapplying. I have been known to apply this stuff to stranger's hands when questioned about how I can eat and drink and still have all of my lipstick on. Seriously.

So I thought I'd post a pic of how it looks on:

One last thing, it can be removed with oil based make up remover, just in case you were wondering how to get this stuff off.

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