Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ragini =)

A little less than a year ago, I was doing my weekly traffic report checks for my store. One link kept popping up and I noticed there was tons of traffic coming from it. So I checked it out and found that they were coming from a post on Fatshionista by this beautiful chick:

So I contacted her and asked her to review some more pieces from the store for me. She agreed and each time she did a review, I would receive tons of traffic from her posts. She is wonderful to work with and not only smart and beautiful, but has style like no other.

Name - Ragini

Age - 24

Location - Calcutta, India

Fashion Inspiration - My fashion inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places. What happens most of the time is that I find myself digging a certain look only to find a while later that what I'm coveting is actually a trend! I think I have a way of subconsciously picking up on trends and incorporating them into my wardrobe. That apart, I have always had an aesthetic appreciation for the 60s mod look and I keep going back to interpretations of it time and again. I totally love vintage clothing and am always on the lookout for cute vintage.

Describe your current style - Right now I'm all about the grungy distressed look - slashing, plaid, fringing and leather. I'm looking to work it sometime soon. I also love toughening up cute, feminine floral dresses with a leather bomber and boots.

Where do you shop? - I live in India where plus size fashion is practically non existent although stores seem to be stepping up their game a wee bit recently. Trend wise though, most of the stuff I find tends to be at least a couple of seasons out of date. Consequently I do almost all of my clothes shopping on the Internet where I can find cute things that not only fit me but go with my style. However, most online shopping resources do not deliver to where I live so almost all of my wardrobe as of now consists of one off finds I got off eBay which is also a great place to find cute and affordable vintage.

What would you say to other girls struggling with plus size style? - never, never, ever think that there is any style/trend that you won't be able to carry off because of your size. I think a huge part of being fa(t)shionable is being comfortable in your own skin. Size is not a deterrent to style and if you want to rock the mini or the bodycon dress, don't think about it twice, just go ahead and do it!

Be sure to check out her blog Forays in Fatshion: http://stonedkittehfashuns.tumblr.com/

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