Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Items from Jen's Fashion Plus....

It has been two weeks since I've posted. I am so sorry and I miss you girls sooooo much.....I'm going to do a recap of my last two weeks and then show you what I've added to the store this week. Please leave your feedback on the items and please know, I so wish I had the time to go through all of your blogs every day like I used to. It's just the time, kids, house, work and more work....
Let's see, work is work. I am relearning what I used to do about five years ago and it's both frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I am so used to using my time how I feel like using it and being under someone else's time frame stresses me out. But I guess, welcome to the real world, right?
I decided against spending another $130 on highlighting my hair so I asked my bf to to just dye it and it came out really awesome. Pics to come soon, I'm excited!
Ummmm...I can't even keep up with my weekly magazines BUT I did come across a pic of my celebrity crush today and am seriously crushed. Wentworth Miller, you know the hottie from Prison Break. I have loved him for years and today People Magazine totally killed it for me by posting this picture:

This is how I am used to seeing him:

No words.....just sad. If any of you have a celebrity crush, I know you totally get it.
Anywho...on to the new store items. Be sure to let me know what you think....

Pink black ruffle top dress $27.99

Black white floral tiered mini skirt $21.99

Black lace cardigan $21.99

Black gray ruffle top maxi dress $27.99

Purple 3/4 sleeve bolero $13.99

Black gray ruffle top dress $27.99

Brown white floral dress $27.99


  1. Oooh, Jen. You outdid yourself this time for the brown white floral dress! So pretty!

  2. I hate to make you feel even worse...but I think Wentworth is openly gay doll! I think I'm going to have to send you an email about that skirt...I love it!Also...I love the new fancy pics!

  3. I love the lace cardigan and brown floral dress! me want!!!!

  4. Hey Jen! We miss you too! Things will get easier with the life/work thing, so cut yourself a time break and take a few months to get into your new routine. x.

    I am loving the first three and last two you have posted very much. The last one is particularly great! x.

  5. Ooh, LOVE the lace cardi & floral skirt!!! <333

    come baaaaaaaack! haha :) I hope everything is going well for you and you're not too stressed! :)

  6. Love the floral skirt!!! I also love the lace cardigan!!! :)

  7. haha, aw, but he still looks super cute tho. :D he's gotta a little tummy and curly hair, that's lovable ;) when I was young I had a HUGE crush on Legolas...Orlando bloom, haha.
    Love the MAXI dress and the skirt, I think Im gonna have to make an order sometime, what are the fees for international shipping?

  8. Glad to see that your back. The skirt and brown floral print dress are MAJOR! Don't stay away too long.

  9. Yeah, my love for him kinda went down after seeing that pic lol! I adore the skirt and the brown floral print my love! Try not to become to stress! Take sometime for you, try and relax sweetie! Glad to hear from you though :)

  10. ouch! LOL @ Nik...awe yeah he's not looking as scrumptious anymore!!!

    I love the new items. The skirt is really cute and I'm totally loving that dress.

    Hope to catch up with you soon my luv!!! <3

  11. We miss you too hun!
    Love the new items, especially the skirt and the brown and white floral dress.

  12. Great new items! Love the lace cardi, must be mine!!

  13. I like the lace cardigan and the floral dress. Oh and the mini skirtrttt!! <3

  14. wentworth is gay?!?!?! noo!!!! but jen ... amazing pieces hun! lol.

  15. Thanks Gazel! I really wasn't too sure about that dress so I def feel better now! :)
    Nik! You just completely broke my heart! hahahaha :) I heard that too but I refuse to believe it! I got your email and your stuff will be there this week :)
    Thanks Tiff :)
    Thanks Em! I am def trying to adjust to the new schedule <3
    Thank you Curvy Girl Chic! I miss your awesome pics sooooo much! :)
    Deborah Estelle, Thank you and your stuff will be there this week too :)
    Jennifer, he's still kinda cute but not hot anymore, sigh :) They're free for you, just send me a message before you pay and I'll invoice you with free shipping :)
    Thanks Savonne, I'm trying to get back into my little blogger groove :)
    Hi LaCara! Hope you're doing good! Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way, hehe :)
    Nik! I adore you! And I sooo miss our chats :( He is not scrumptious any more! You just let me know what you need and it's yours Love!
    Pale & Pallor Princess, I miss you and your awesome style, especially your awesome necklaces!
    Veronica! Your stuff will be there this week, shoot me your shipping info and I miss you!
    Carly, thank you!
    BBM, no way! I still refuse to believe it and thank you! :)

  16. lets take a razor and shave wentworth's head! :D