Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shopping for work clothes, ugh! :(

I'll be joining the nine to five working world on Monday. Let me just say that I am not looking forward to it. I have not worked in an office for five years and needless to say, I have nothing to wear. Being that I have yet to get a paycheck, I need a few inexpensive pieces to get me through until I actually get paid. So, I will be going to F21 today. I'm a bit excited though, because I get to go to the huge new one they just built near my house in the Cerritos Mall. Check it out:

So here are some of the things that I was thinking of getting:








So that's all I've got so far. There were so many pieces that I came across browsing on there right now, but none that were office appropriate which sucks. I am training someone to take over the store during the day for me right now so I also just wanted everyone to know that it'll be business as usual with the store.


  1. I love all your choices Jen. These are some great work pieces. They are cute enought to rock outside of work too. It's so funny,today I posted one of my work outfits. Buying work clothes can become addictive and before you know it you'll have a closet full of work clothes and nothing to wear for Saturday nights, lol.

  2. I am sad you have to go back to work! :(
    Glad you found work so quickly though! You are blessed girl! A lot of people have been looking a REALLY long time...

    If I lived close I wouldn't mind manning the store during the day... I wouldn't have a check either! LOL!

    Be blessed in ALL your efforts! You deserve it!

  3. Love your picks, especially the second dress and they could easily be switched up for out of work time too. Good luck with the job!

  4. Sucky for going back to work, but YAY for looking fierce while doing it!

    Those dresses are HAWT!


  5. I love your picks hun! I especially like the blue dress and the earrings!

    YAY for training! :D It'll make this smooth as a baby's behind...unless that poor baby has diaper rash then it'll be smooth as umm butter!? YES, BUTTER! Soon, you'll be rollin in the dough!

  6. oohh love your pics .. what is f21 = to in the uk ?

  7. Hope you found some great clothes. Lets us know what you found!

    Are all those dresses plus size at F21? I think I have been shopping at the wrong places!

  8. These are F21 pieces?! So professional!!! Also, congrats on getting a job, even if it's begrudgingly; it's quite an accomplishment to even get a phone call in this economy.

  9. Oh looordy, love the clothes!! love the want so bad, damn it I live in Sweden *throws fist in the air* :P

  10. I love the blue dress and the earring set.

  11. Love the blue dress!!!
    Also liking the skirt with the roses and the earrings.
    Back to work doesn't sound so fun, but back to work shopping does!

  12. @ Savonne! I know! I remember when I used to work before, I never had enough to wear out but always had a closet full of work clothes and now it's the other way around!
    @ Deborah Estelle: I'm sad too but yes, I am very blessed to have gotten the work so I won't be complaining! :)
    @ Steph & Stiletto: Thanks! :)
    @ Nik: haha! You always know how to make me laugh!
    @ Matron Jo: Not sure, but they're very trendy pieces at a very low price.
    @ Jude: Just posted some of what I got, OOTD's are soon to come!
    @ Elle: They sure are! And yeah, I know, I actually got hired through a temp agency because one of my mom's friends referred me :)
    @ Jennifer: I wish you could see the inside of that store!
    @ Candy: didn't end up getting them but I love them too :)

  13. OOH girl I went to the Cerritos F21 the weekend it opened! Isn't it fabulous! I haven't been there in a while, they have so much stuff it can be dangerous! Congrats on your new job. I too will be joining the 9-5 club, so I may hit up f21 as well for some biz casual looks!

  14. welcome to the 9 to 5 world my dear ... wish u all the best in training! hope my blog can give u some inspirations ... work wear is all i wear .... lol!

    great picks too!

  15. haha, thanks! I will definitely be checking you out daily :)

  16. They look like really pretty, functional AND work friendly pieces. Great choices - I can't wait to hear how it went. x.

  17. Veronica: It is amazing! Where are you going? Em: check out my next post, I didn't get any of these but got some pretty awesome stuff! :)