Sunday, May 9, 2010

New items from Jen's Fashion Plus..lots of them this week!

Hi Girlys!
As always, I miss you all and have so much on my plate right now but as soon as it slows down a bit, I will be back on here regularly. I went shopping yesterday and found so many new items for the store that it has taken me forever to post them! So please leave your feedback and let me know what you do like, what you don't like. I always love reading your responses <3

Gray ruffled tube top dress $27.99

Black beige lace top $21.99

Black cotton peasant style dress $27.99

White cotton peasant style dress $27.99

Pink cotton peasant style dress $27.99

Black floral top $21.99

Pink floral top $21.99

Multicolored peacock print maxi dress $27.99

Pink tube top maxi dress $27.99

Black halter tie back vest -back view $15.99

Black halter tie back vest -front view $15.99

White floral tube top dress $27.99

White cap sleeve jacket top $21.99

Blue striped cap sleeve top $21.99

Red striped cap sleeve top $21.99

Gray striped cap sleeve top $21.99

White lace floral top $21.99

Blue ruffled tube top dress $27.99

Black tiered ruffle tank top $21.99

White tiered ruffle tank top $21.99

Pink tiered ruffle tank top $21.99

Black floral tube top bubble dress $27.99

Black cap sleeve jacket top $21.99

White chiffon dress $27.99


  1. Awww, miss ya too my love :)
    OMG the peacock maxi dress is divine! I really like the peasant dresses, they're cute. And I adore the white floral tube top dress...<3

  2. White floral tube top dress & Grey Stripe Capped Top = to die for. I love them~

  3. AGGGHHH, so many cute things I want! Why don't I have piles of money lying around my house so I can buy them all? Love the ruffled tube dresses, the cap sleeve jacket/top and the black floral bubble dress. Awesome finds hun.

  4. So I'm gonna name every single thing I like on this post:
    1. Ruffled Dress
    2. Lace Top
    3. Peasant Dress
    4. Both Floral Tops
    5. Vest <3 <3
    6. Floral Dress
    7. White Jacket <3 <3
    8. Ruffled Top
    9. Ruffled Dress
    10. Ruffled Tanks
    11. Floral Dress
    11. Cap Jacket <3 <3
    12. Chiffon Dress

    So I basically like everything. Honestly, you have such a great taste in fashion, I can't explain how much I love your clothes. So, I got a job yesterday and my mom said I can buy any clothes I want now! This is on my list, seriously!

  5. Jen, I think you out did yourself this time around! I'm a fan of all the pieces this time around!

    Happy mothers day again!

    BTW, Creepy Gary sent me a message on FB! EEEEEK!!! LMAO

  6. Hey Jen, I love the strapless tube dresses. Just in time I just bought a great strapless bra. Hope work is going well for you.

  7. Amazing honey simply amazing! I want the black jacket/top.

  8. I heart that Gray Ruffled tube dress!! Great stuff Jen!

  9. Thank you Loves! Carly, you're so funny! :) Where ya workin at?
    Nik! hahahaha I just told Fil! I think he's getting jealous! hahaha Block that Gary guy! He's scary! :)

  10. the peacock maxi dress is gorgeous!

  11. Great pics! putting you on my blogroll :)

    xoxo Anika

  12. These are just so gorgeous!