Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Finds Under $40....

I wanted to see what kinds of deals that I could find online this morning and was virtual window shopping for a little over an hour. I wanted to share my finds with you Girls so let me know what you think.... :)

Wavy frill front vest 25GBP ($37.47)

Darlesa sweater cardigan Faith 21 $24.80

Strapless knit romper Faith 21 $19.80

Black denim look leggings Evans 18GBP ($26.99)

Green power sleeve dress 12GBP (18.00) Dorothy Perkins
Nik of just posted pictures of herself in this dress, be sure to drop by and see what she did with it!

Cream belted dress Dorothy Perkins 20GBP ($29.99)

Aldo Fisser handbag $29.98

Hello Kitty Call Me Tiger tee Torrid $19.98 (just cause I love Hello Kitty)

I will say that I found the best selection of affordable pieces at Dorothy Perkins. I may just have to make that cream dress mine :)


  1. I've thought about buying some of those denim leggings. How do they look on? Like jeans?

  2. Sort of but you can tell that they're leggings :) They are super comfortable though.

  3. i like the wavy frill vest. Its cute and versatile.

  4. Love your picks! But a quick heads up--I ended up getting that Faith21 romper in navy blue, but the color is super dull and the fabric is NOT soft. It's actually sort of crinkly. Like an incredibly cheap sweatshirt material. I was so disappointed!

  5. Love it! I try to stay under $50 for all my fashion purchases...sometimes I splurge. But the cheap the more I get to buy!

  6. super cute!!!! i LOVE that kelly green dress!!! i want it ... now! ;-)

  7. Ummm..I had no clue that Dorothy Perkins went up to a size've just made my day...:)

  8. I love the wash of those jeggings, I've yet to find a pair that fit right! Nik looks gorgeous in that green dress and I definitely think you should get the cream one! :)

  9. CurvyGirlChic: I almost got that one too the other day from there, thanks for telling me! :) Cid: I'm with you, I try to buy lots of pieces for cheap, it excites me! :) BBM: Did you check out Nik's post in it? It looks so cute with a belt! Amor: I actually didn't know before that Dorothy Perkins had such a size range either! :) Steph: I am seriously thinking about it :)