Thursday, March 25, 2010

Charles David....will you marry me????

Yesterday on my search for nude pieces, I spent way too much time on the Charles David website. I have been obsessing over those shoes since then. The Charles by Charles David line is fantastic. They have an amazing variety of prints and fabrics. I had to share a few with you, so let me know what you think:

YooHoo $135

Primm $148.46

Curtsy $121.28

Scene 2 $107.96

Curvey $131.96


  1. i want them all! esp the first pair. OMG, umm Can we share him? :D

  2. Those are my favorite too! Of course, Nik! Sharing is caring! haha :)

  3. AHHH All of those are amazing. One of each, please? :D I love the Primm and Scene 2's!!!

  4. wow those are all tooo pretty I love the first pair and the grey tweed ones, swoon!