Monday, January 25, 2010

What trend do you think should just go away?

I was reading through Allure today and came across a page where they asked celebrities what trend they think should just die...Here are a few of the responses:

Veronica Webb: "I'm over the '80's. I did it once and then twice. I think I'm done."

Hilary Duff: "Two, actually: I'm not feeling the baggy-crotch pants. Some girls can pull them off. And shoulder pads. I'm five feet two. They don't work for me."

Kirsten Dunst: "Anything Ed Hardy."

Stephanie March: "When the harem pant ends, I'm going to say, "I'm glad I wasn't on that train."

Okay, so don't hate me, but I'm going to have to agree with part of what Kirsten Dunst said, some girls can pull off the harem pants, but I am not one of them. And, when ever I try them on, I keep finding myself wanting to do the 'U Can't Touch This' dance. :) Oh well, I tried...

So what about you guys, what trend would you like to see gone for good?


  1. I could do with out ever seeing any thing ed hardy again. American tattoo art is great but not on clothing. Its over priced and unattractive.

    Also, in chicago it seems that the "rock star" look wont die. I'm so sick of seeing people in faux hawks with designs cut up the side, ballerina skirts with patterned tights, ties, chuck Taylor's, and suspenders. I was never into it and I'm definitely over it now.

  2. Agreed! I like a little rock star mixed in but all together, definitely an over kill.

  3. Tiffany!! LOL I know exactly what you mean. EVERY GUY IN CHICAGO ROCKS THE FAUX HAWK! I did like hmm, 4 years ago and NOW it's just not catching on. *sigh* I'm completely over Ed Hardy, I never liked his designs. I'm a lover of tattoos, but on clothing, I think it's quite tacky and I wouldn't pay that much to wear something I feel is quite ugly. HmPh!

    Soooo I'm completely over the "new boyz" look. The youngsters wearing the sagging skinny jeans, big retro kicks (which I love), buddy holly glasses and oversized beanies. Everybody is doing it & not everyone can rock it. So much for being an original.

    I'm with you Jen, a lil rock and roll mixed in, that's doable!

  4. They do it here too in Cali! And Ed not get me started, but I do think it's pretty much over here anyways.
    I know what look you're talking about but never had a name for it, thanks! haha It did used to be cool, a lot of little alternative bands would do it years ago and I liked it but I don't like it when all of the teens do it and don't even know how to wear it :)
    Here's a big one in Cali and it's just ridiculous cause the coldest it ever gets here is like 55: sweats with the boots with the fur, a casual girl tee and a scarf. I don't know why but it just makes me laugh! haha

  5. lol I've heard about that look Jen! My bf asked me why do girls do that? That look is everywhere. You have to wear the "pink" victoria secrets jogging pants with your Ugg boots, tucked in of course so everyone can see that you are wearing Uggs. I saw a girl a couple weeks ago with a tank top on. *gasp* It was 10 degrees outside!

  6. My fave look is the "emo" look, these kids trying to hard to look like they are NOT trying hard. I was into punk/goth/alternative when I a teen. We had to make our own clothes and come up with our own accessories. I think it funny how kids think they are being so "alternative" shopping at Hot Topic, which is so main stream and commercial! I take my niece to HT and the ppl that work there think they are so cool and look at you funny. I laugh cause I think HA these kids don't even know, My docs are probably older than they are! LOL
    Oh yeah I hate Uggs with sweats! I have a pair but wear them at home mainly cause they do keep your feet warm. LOL

  7. haha i agree with kirsten dunst. and uggs should go too - at least in the public eye. lol

  8. Definitely Ed Hardy and Crocs. I don't really have any issues with fashion and personal style otherwise. I think what you wear and how you wear it, regardless of how stupid or pretentious you look, is a part of growing and experimenting. Unless what you're wearing is completely inappropriate I say go wild!

  9. Nik! I just saw a girl with the PINK VS sweats on the other morning with a tank and uggs on too! CC: I completely agree! I take my son to HT and he thinks it's so cool but it is so mainstream and unoriginal. And Steph: I totally forgot Crocs, agreed 100%! :)

  10. thank god the ed harvey phase didnt come to the uk !!....