Saturday, January 23, 2010

Button Love ....

I have been drooling over all things with big buttons lately. I guess it reminds me of the little sailor girl look, which I love. I've even been purchasing more dresses with buttons for my store and they're doing really well, so I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I've scoured through the internet for pieces with large buttons and believe me, they were harder to find than I thought. So here it goes, let me know what you guys think....

Torrid Denim ponte sailor dress $58 Military secretary dress by Pinup Couture $96 (this one kind of reminds me of a Halloween costume though)

Asos Curve pleat swing mac coat $65 (with all of the talk about ASOS, I had to include at least one piece)

Faith21 Flower etched button blazer $34.80

Jen's Fashion Plus Strapless button cocktail dress $27.99


  1. Hey jen is Tiffany from fatshopaholic love you button dress. Let me know what the sale is and I will include it in the sale post. Do you have any dress in a 26?

  2. such cute stuff :) love the buttons

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  3. Buttons, Zippers & Buckles. I love them all! It has a bit of retro aspect to it!

  4. I heart the buttons! Jen, I've been eyeballing things from your site, but I'm always so hesitant when shopping online. *deep breath* but I really want some things so I shall wait no more!

  5. I'm a newcomer to your blog and have an extensive list of fatshion blogs I check daily, let me tell you I'm adding you to my list :D I love your style of both writing and clothing choice. Keep up the awesome work, you make a brilliant read.


  6. Sailor/nautical trend is by far my favourite as it reminds me of summer. Love the first dress and your dress!

  7. @ Tiffany, I just emailed you the sale info in case you don't get it on here but I have a sale each week at 30% off and do carry dresses in 26:), @ Audrey, Thanks! love your blog too and just put it on my blog list:), @ Chunky Curlz, I LOVE the retro aspect to it :), @ Nik, thanks!, no worries, everything is 100% returnable and you can always start out by doing a review for free items if you're interested :), @ fatnurse, Thank you too! Your blog is awesome too and I'm following you too now :), @ Stephanie, thanks Girly! :)