Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jen's Fashion Plus Dress Post on Fatshionista by Jackie...

About a week ago, I introduced you all to a beautiful girl named Jackie whom I often work with. She just did a great post on Fatshionista in one of our dresses so I had to share:

ringing in 2010 with cool style
it was seriously 70 degrees on new years eve day here in az = crazy

dress: another great find from jen's fashion plus, 3x
sweater: target (but thrifted), 20/22
stretchy silver belt with bow clasp: target, 2x
shoes: target, 10

for reference, model is 5'10" & approx. 240 lbs.

i hope everyone had a fabulous new years celebration & all the best fatshion to you in 2010.


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