Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mezzo Fashionisto...... :)

I was lucky enough to catch up with the gorgeous Nik of Mezzo Fashionisto recently. I have been following her blog for a while now and just love the way she often combines both fashion and beauty in her blog by including her make up in her outfit posts. Oh, and her red lipstick, of course... :)

Location:Nacogdoches,Texas(I miss

Can you describe a little about your personal style? You know it's sort of difficult because I think it develops further every day. I think a great deal of it is influenced by the 40's and the 70's...those decades specifically. I see a great deal of myself in the fashions of those decades. I also am driven by simplicity(I hate to over accessorize)and I love a bit of edge and structure. I think being a musician I can't help being influenced by rock and roll and the role that music has played in fashion.

Fashion Inspirations/Icons:Diana Ross(and her daughter Tracy),Elizabeth Taylor,Kate Lanphear,Prince,Rita Hayworth,Marilyn Monroe...I also love tons of bloggers! I tend to watch old movies and old tv shows(like Soul Train) to grab inspiration.

What you love most about fashion: That it changes every few minutes...that everyone has there own perspective to bring to it. I also love that it is literally art you can wear on your body...that's amazing and incredibly intimate.

Be sure to check out her blog here:

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