Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Faith 21 Anyone....?

So I thought I'd browse through Faith 21's site finally this morning and check out what they had. From what I hear, the sizing is a little off but I am really digging the selection and especially the prices of the pieces. So thought I'd share my picks with you guys:

Wide denim trousers $24.80

Peacock feathered top $19.80

Shawl drape cardigan $19.80

Belted knit tunic $19.80

Embellished sweater cardigan $24.80

Scalloped lace skirt $19.80

Pleat pocket knit skirt $15.80

Pleat front cinched top $17.80


  1. I've been really happy with the stuff I've gotten there so far. Did you get my email?

  2. Me too! :) I'm excited about everything that will be coming out for Spring already :) No, I haven't, I'll go in and check it right now.

  3. Hey Jen! I really like that they have extended sizes on the Faith line, and in regards to your post about Crystal Renn and V Mag. I think Crystal has lost some weight recently. I saw a few pictures of her and looks like she dropped quite a bit of weight. Maybe she did it for this shoot. I hope not.

  4. Hey You! Me too! I love their stuff and their prices especially. Maybe she did but if she's not photoshopped in that shoot, she's not even close to being plus sized, except by fashion model standards I suppose :)