Thursday, January 7, 2010

J. Fatshionable...

I had the pleasure of interviewing J. Fatshionable of Fatshionable. Be sure to check her out here:

Name: J. Fatshionable

Age: 24

City/State: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Can you describe a little about your personal style?
I think I go for sweet chic with an edge. My closet is full of delicate fabrics that I try to balance with a good dose of leather or structure. I am very detail orientated when it comes to my clothing, so I love a well-placed button, seam, or bow.

I’m also shoe crazy, so I believe shoes are a huge part of my personal style. I think my shoe collection has a good mix of classic shapes, architectural form, and color.

Many of my outfits are really just dressed up casual: a good pair of jeans, a visually strong jacket or top, and (hopefully) stunning shoes. Obviously, there are occasions when I have to step it up, in which case my I try to go for an understated look if the event is formal and a more daring look (e.g. bodycon, vibrant colors) if it’s a night out on the town.

Fashion Inspirations/Icons:
In my mind I imagine a girl who lives in Paris and sneaks out at night wearing some of her mother’s (finer) clothing or shoes, which she has mixed with her own more girlish fashion sense. I try to dress like her.

My friends Gabi and Christina are also huge inspirations.

What you love most about fashion:
I love that you can express meaning and mood through what you wear. Some fashion definitely rises to the level of art and it’s amazing to think that you can spend your day wearing a piece of art. It’s also just so much fun.

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