Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beauty Review: Lash Injection Mascara By Too Faced....

I was cursed with light, thin eyelashes. As I've said before, I love the Hollywood glam look, which means thick, black lashes. I've tried every brand of mascara you can think of. I've used 4 different mascaras together to get the look of thick, black lashes. So I'm always on the hunt for the best thickening mascara out there. Months ago, I was in the Sephora store and asked the salesperson what the best mascara would be for this and was pointed towards Lash Injection by Too Faced. So I gladly paid the $20 and went home to try it on. I LOVED it. Though I do have to constantly separate the lashes as I'm applying it, (or else it would look like I was wearing spiders on my eyes), it is the best thickening mascara I have ever tried. Oh, and I don't go to Sephora for it any more either. It always sells on Ebay for $10. So on to the before and after pics:


After :)


  1. WOW you lashes look great, I have the same problem, short thin lashes. I have tried several mascara with no luck, so I definitly go to sephora and buy the too faced. A friend even gave a protein mascara thingy from Ardell that is suppose to help your lashes grow. Only thing I haven't tired is fake lashes.

  2. Thanks! I love this mascara! I actually tried that protein thing and it didn't do anything for me :( I've tried the fake lashes and they can be a bigger hassle than the mascara. Especially if they start falling off! :)