Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day Outfit Disaster...

So last Friday, I decided it would be nice to go all out this year and to treat myself to a Valentine's Day outfit, complete with matching undergarments. So online I went, and found a great dress:

and some awesome shoes to go with it:

So I paid extra on both (2 separate companies!) for 3 day shipping to make sure that they would be here in time for V Day. So off to JCPenneys I went to pick out my undergarments and this is what I picked out:

So all this week I waited..and waited..and package from either company! So yesterday I finally decided to see what was going on and it seems UPS said they couldn't gain entry into our place and had left a note. I have never had a problem with them delivering until now. So it was 5:00 yesterday and off I go to the next city to the UPS location to pick up the dress. We get there and there was a long line with no one behind the counter for 20 minutes. Long story short, I got the dress right before 6:00.
On to the shoes, I called that company and they didn't mail them out in time so they weren't scheduled to be here until Monday! Seriously..grrrr...So I had them refund my shipping and found out what store had the shoes so I could just go and buy them in person. Turns out the store was over 20 miles away but I still had my dream of the perfect outfit so off I went. I found the shoes, came home and finally tried the outfit on. Guess what....I kind of hate the dress!
Oh yeah, earlier in the day I got my hair done, (took over 3 hours!) but I decided to cut some bangs and brighten it up a bit:

Okay, done venting :)


  1. where did you get the dress from? and dude, the shoes are so cute! I love your hair as well, I like the color.

  2. F21 but didn't want to post it cause I was talkin smack! haha I love the shoes and ended up getting them for $38! Thank you! :)

  3. wohooo, now that's some freakin cute lingerie!

    great choice! :D

  4. Gah you're so pretty! I love the hair!

  5. You're gorgeous! I'm going to jump on the loving your hair wagon.
    It's beyond irritating when things you order don't come on time!