Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Coco Rocha, size 4!, latest to be called fat by fashion industry....grrrrrrrrrrr...

So it's come to this.

After all the hype, promises and international outcry, fashion's still calling normal girls fat.

Coco Rocha is the latest victim of fashion's irresponsible, unattainable demand that young women - some barely into their teens - be emaciated.


These are the first few lines from an article that I read today on, here's the link to the article:

I was stunned after reading this article and looking at this lovely young woman's pictures. How could anyone in the entire world consider this chick too fat for anything?!?!

I had planned on doing a post today on fashion pieces but it will have to wait...This woman has not an inch to pinch. You can tell that she is probably below her ideal weight and watches EVERYTHING that she eats. I really just wanted to quickly comment on how the fashion industry has gone too far. They are asking these girls to be walking clothes hangers and not actual people. Read: If she were any thinner, I would be seriously afraid for her! Please take a look at the whole article. Shame on the fashion industry for pressuring these girls to starve themselves and I really do hope that they raise the "sample size" to at least a size 4.....OMG ;(

Just a side note: I do not normally post about these things, but after reading this article and looking at her....No words....


  1. Whoa!! How eff'd up is that? If she's fat, whoa, am I like the earth? smh I'm glad that she is sticking up for herself. She looks completely healthy, not overweight and not waif thin. That article is definitely an eye opener. Thank you for sharing Jen!

  2. I can't get over the ridiculousness of all this. Gemma Ward and Coco are so gorgeous and I can't believe anyone would be blind enough to say that they're too fat!? I blame the laziness of the designers. Yeah it's easy to make things look good on a hanger but how about stepping up and designing clothes which look good on people! Then there wouldn't be a need for rail thin model children.

  3. seriously?! she looks perfect. why are doing this to women? for once i thought fashion already changed it's mind about sizes. oh well...


  4. I agree with all of you. Stephanie, they do look like model children, I always call them walking clothes hangers!