Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goodbye Denim, Hellooooo Khaki!!!!!!

Welll, not really. I could never really give up denim but have been really giving some thought to this khaki thing. So here we khaki picks, let me know what you think:

Old Navy Women's plus low rise perfect khaki skirt $24.50

Old Navy Women's plus classic-rise twill shorts $20

Torrid khaki brown leather front woven stretch belt $24 Washed khaki jersey hot pants $7.00 Pinnystyle suntop $25

L.L. Bean Sunwashed canvas tote in british khaki $65

Eshakti Ruched waist sheer jersey tank $34.95


  1. I love khaki! I want some cargo khakis that i can roll up:)

  2. I saw some roll up ones at! :)

  3. I'm with you Gabi! I want some cargo's! I love cargo's, I swear they are perfect. I love khaki, I like the preppy look in the spring, but thanks to my working at Target for 7 years, khaki makes me feel kinda pukey lol I may reconsider for the spring though!

  4. I have to be careful with khaki because I can looked washed out, but I love the first skirt. A bright top and I'd be fine.

  5. Nik, haha! I could totally see that! I'm guessing you try to avoid khaki pants at all costs now! :)
    Khaki washes me out too but yes, paired with a bright color, looks awesome :)

  6. Love the khaki, especially that bag!