Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiffany of Fatshopaholic....

I know that I'm always saying this, but I am so lucky to have been able to meet the wonderful girls that I have through blogs. I met Tiffany recently through her blog www.fatshopaholic.com. What struck me most about her was of course, her awesome style but also the huge smile that she wears in all of her pictures. I really feel like I know her sometimes when I'm looking at her blog pics. I was able to catch up with her recently through an email interview:

Name: Tiffany

Age: 19

Location: Chicago, IL

Can you describe a little about your personal style? Sure. I think my personal style is all over the place. I love the 90’s so, the bright colors and bold prints of that time certainly worked it’s way into my personal style. I also love to play with textures like lace with studs and things like that. I love head pieces to!

Fashion Inspirations/Icons: Like any good fat girl I must cite Beth Ditto. I also love the styles of T.V. characters Denise Huxtable from the Cosby Show and Clarissa from Clarissa explains it all. I Love denise for her mens wear and over sized clothes and clarissa for her bright colors and prints. I also love Amanda palmer of the Dresden Dolls and Kelis.

What you love most about fashion: I love that fashion is like the prelude to who you are. When people see you they see your clothes first so, through fashion you can express anything you want. You can express the way you feel that day or your personality period. I also love fashion as art, like things that aren’t everyday wear but, look great walking down a run way.

Although as fat women we all want as many fashion options for us as straight size women I love that with fat fashion you have to work a little harder to be unique because then every outfit feels special and you know that no one else will look like you.

Be sure to check her blog out at: www.fatshopaholic.com!


  1. SHe is too cute and adorable and I love that she gives it all when she is rocking an outfit. I had the pleasure to speak to her and she rocks!!

  2. Ah I <3 Tiffany,she's so sweet and genuine. I love that she is confident and true to her self and style. I had a chance to get to know her through her blog, twitter and we chat online sometimes. I know she will be successful in her futures endeavors.

  3. CC, she is really sweet and genuine :) Hi Nik! :)

  4. I love to see women who totally love their curves i have to admit i hated my body but recently seeing all you girls proud of curves makes me wonder why i'm being an idiot lol x

  5. You are sooooo not an idiot!!!! No matter the size, we all have issues with our bodies Love! :)

  6. charmed chick - dont me sad about your curves EMBRACE THEM ! your beautifull ! we r all beautiful no matter what shape or size ;-)

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind comments and charmed chick love your curves girl!